Le Naturel

As you know I’m all about natural products especially when it comes to hair and skin care. There’s just something about letting nature do what it was meant to do. I recently received a few products to try out from a local, natural skincare brand called Le Naturel.   Le Naturel is a unique range […]

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Liebster Award

My dearest Bloggies… Okay, that sounds way too formal. Hey guys, so the lovely Nadine from Just Nadez nominated me for the Liebster Award and I lowkey died when I saw it. You can check out her blog here. I’m so excited, I love reading posts like this. For those of you who does not know […]

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Valentines Day Survival Kit

With January finally done and dusted, people finally have something else to focus on… VALENTINES DAY, yikes! Now it’s only logical to take advantage of the extra valentines day traffic and share some things you can do with/for your loved one or if you’re an independent woman/man, I have something for you too so keep […]

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Twenty Eighteen

  2018 started with reality checks coming in from left and right ( Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit), but that’s what it felt like. I’m not the type of person who normally does new year’s resolutions or yearly goals because I always forget about them. This year, however, I decided to get my […]

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Travel Bucket List

There’s so much I still want to see in the world (When I get over my fear of heights of cause) so I thought I’d share the Top 5 places I want to travel to, one day.   Santorini, Greece    Phuket, Thailand   3. Florence, Italy   4. Seoul, Korea (Simply because I’m a […]

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Natural Hair Journey Update

It’s been almost two months since the last hair post and so much has happened since then, and by that I mean I had to cut off half of my hair to officially go on this natural hair journey (Yes I’m still sad about that). Deep down I know it will be worth it in the […]

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  One of SA’s favorite eco-friendly baby wipe company recently came out with facial wipes to add to their already eco-friendly beauty range, consisting of cotton pads and earbuds. I was lucky enough to be one of the first few ladies to try it out, thanks to Beauty Bulletin. As someone who is new to […]

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My go-to homemade face masks

I never really had major skin problems growing up, I did, however, breakout once a month due to hormonal changes in my body (My girls would understand why), and as any teenager, I used to pop my pimples not knowing at the time that it would leave marks. So my only concern used to be […]

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