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My go-to homemade face masks

I never really had major skin problems growing up, I did, however, breakout once a month due to hormonal changes in my body (My girls would understand why), and as any teenager, I used to pop my pimples not knowing at the time that it would leave marks. So my only concern used to be… Continue reading My go-to homemade face masks

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Not So Healthy Hair Journey

I’ve always wanted to do one of those ‘Natural hair journey’ posts, but with the history of my hair, there was no way in hell that that would happen, so I thought why not share my unhealthy, not so natural hair journey with the world. It all started back when I was in 8th grade,… Continue reading Not So Healthy Hair Journey

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Mark by Avon Review

I have always been a lover of Avon products, I guess because my mom is a big fan of the brand, I kind of followed in her footsteps. So when Avon announced that they’re launching a new product range I was quite excited.The product range looks different from your normal Avon products, more intriguing I’d… Continue reading Mark by Avon Review


#TruthBeTold| Time for Change

I have recently gone through a change, not just physically but mentally as well. I celebrated my 23rd birthday in July and with that year added to my life came some unwanted feelings. To those of you who used to follow my old blog, you would know I just disappeared from the blogosphere and I… Continue reading #TruthBeTold| Time for Change